June 25-29, 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Abstract submission

Session organizers are requested to arrange 3-4 talks (about 15-20 min + 5 min discussion) in their sessions while collecting titles and abstracts from the contributors. It is possible to organize two or more sessions by the same person. Suggestions for organizing sessions should be sent to one of the Program committee chairs. Authors should submit electronic versions of abstract of papers (1-2 pages) by April 1, 2018 to the following address: iws2018b@gmail.com.

Abstract template

Abstracts should be prepared in Latex or Word using the template file template.zip.

Special issues

Selected papers from the workshop (of size 8-15 pages) will be published in special issues of two journals: "Statistical Papers" and "Communication in Statistics". The papers should be prepared according to journal requirements and pass the standard reviewing process.

The anticipated submission deadline for the special issue in "Communication in Statistics" is the summer 2018 and will be announced later.

The submission deadline for the special issue in "Statistical Papers" is April 1, 2018; the submission is CLOSED now. Papers should be submitted to http://www.editorialmanager.com/stpa/default.aspx with indicating "SI: Mathematical and Simulation Methods" for the type of submission. The issue will be published by the end of 2018. Since the number of papers in the special issue is limited it is necessary that the paper for this issue has been included in one of the invited special sessions and be recommended by the session organizer. It is assumed that no more than one paper from each of the sessions will be recommended for the special issue. By submitting a paper to the special issue in "Statistical Papers", the author(s) agree that, if their paper is accepted, at least one author will register to attend the conference (by April 1, 2018) and present the accepted paper.

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